Thursday, 30 May 2013

Travelling nuts

We got a walnut tree. Well nothing special, so many farms have a walnut tree here. But ours has a special history. It travelled a long way.
A good friend from Holland brought this little tree with him when he visited us last september.
But.... it is not Dutch.
Our friend comes from Kashmir, and when he travelled to Europe, many years ago, his old aunt thought he needed something special for his journey. The best thing she could think of, were nuts, from their own walnut grove. She took some old cloth, sewed a bag, and put in some nuts.
Our friend was not all too happy to carry this bag along, but thought this was so sweet, so he brought the bag with him to Holland. Some nuts were eaten, and some ended up in his Dutch garden.
One of these nuts grew into a big walnut tree, and gave a lot of nuts.

It is from one of these nuts, our little tree grew. A grandchild of of Kashmiri walnut tree from Kulgam.

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