Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Our designer
Our designer, Joris van Grinsven, is Dutch, like we are, but he lives in the Perigord in France, where he is working under the name of 'Seigneurs de Clérans'. With his team, he is working on projects designing and/or decorating private homes, hotels, restaurants and businesses throughout Europa. For furnishings and accessories he works exclusively with the 'Pigeon d'Or" collection.
Joris studied at the Academy of Arts in Tilburg, the Netherlands, and worked as a sculptor, teacher and manager of several institutes of education. From 1995 he works as an interior designer/decorator with projects in Holland, Belgium, Germany, Ireland, Spain, Danmark and France.
In France f.e. the famous Golf Hotel Les Merles and the Chartreuse le Cariol, our B&B colleague.
Joris is also our life long friend and the godfather of our children, we met many years ago through our mutual hobby at that time: riding and breeding Icelandic horses.
While buying our Danish farm, I already hoped he would do the design, and he did. He travelled all the way to Danmark with his team, and created this beautiful place. For us, and for our guests of course.
You can find more of his projects at:

 Joris in his house and in his garden in France. ( photos: Michael Paul)

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