Thursday, 13 February 2014


It is mid-February and life at Bøjden Cottage has become more quiet. After a lovely summer and a long autumn with many guests, we finally got time to do a bit of gardening, some indoor paintwork or just a tour with the horses.
We only had a few weeks of winter weather, but my daughter could skate at the freshwater lake in the bird reserve and we had a bit of snow.
Right now, the sun comes out every day and daylight time increases quickly. The garden is littered with snowdrops and yellow eranthis, and since yesterday, the skylarks are back. Where they go in the winter, I don't know, but right now you can hear them everywhere and today I saw some couples bickering with each other about their territory.
And showing off: flying higher and higher and higher, until you can hardly see them no more.
Spring is definetely on it's way.
If you are interested in what birds, and what number of birds you can spot in the area from day to day, go to:

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