Monday, 13 May 2013

Spring finally came to Danmark, as did the swallows. They are busy rebuilding last year's nests.
With the birds and all the lovely spring flowers, the guests came as well, and our B&B is very busy right now.

May 4th we celebrated the renewed Bøjden Nor bird reserve, more than a hundred people showed up to see the changes. The weather was splendid and our kitchen provided them with some 600 sandwiches and cakes, and due to sponsor gifts, we could also serve ecological beer.
During this picknick, a local farmer brought out the hereford cows that will graze in the reserve this summer, with some delay though, as his trailer got a flat tire on its way into the reserve.

And last week we had a special guest, not in the B&B, but in the water down the beach at Horne Næs.
I had heard the rumour that it was there, and while walking in the woods with some of our guests, to show them the lovely spring flowers, we saw it: a seal, sunbathing on a rock near the shore.
So lovely. The guests were thrilled, one of them had never seen a seal before.
And you can imagine how they felt when they ended their day at our B&B with a sunset like this:

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