Tuesday, 20 January 2015

Our new star

Meet Kakusha, our new puppy. Kaskusha means 'star' in the Ucmalmicwts language.  This is the language of the interior Salish people of British Columbia, Canada. We  have some very good friends there, and as Kakusha is an American Indian dog, they gave her this name. Which fits her fine, as she is our little new 'star' and a real little princess. She has more 'stars' in her family tree, as her great grand parents starred as the dogs in 'Dances with Wolves' with Kevin Costner.
We got her home Boxing Day and Arwen, our Border Collie has taken good care of her ever since. They are playing all day and having big fun.
There are not that many American Indian dogs in Europe. It is a very old breed, already described thousands of years ago by the First Nation peoples.  Lewis and Clark wrote a lot about them when they travelled across the American continent. And if you want more information about these dogs, the website of Old Hawk Kennels/American Indian dogs, can give you a lot of information.

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