Monday, 21 December 2015

Today is the shortest day of the year, so from tomorrow, we'll slowly be getting nearer next summer!
The summer of 2015 has brought us many guests, from many different countries, each with their own different stories. Some guests have become regulars and it is so nice to see them again.
This summer we were very lucky to get some helpers, also from very different countries. They came from Belgium, Spain, Scotland, Holland and China. Without them we could not have managed all the work that has to be done in the summer, so thank you so much: Thaana, Evelien, Manu, Lucy, Celia, Ireen and Yaya, you were our 'star' workers!
For everyone who stayed here during the summer, it will be hard to realize how short a day at Bøjden Cottage is right now:   not even 7 hours! That sure is a difference to all the long hours we needed to get the daily work done in summer!

6 hours and 55 minutes
Sun up: 8.50 am
Sun down: 15.45 pm
Dagens længde er tiltaget med 0 timer og 0 minutter.
21. December 2015, Denmark.

But although the sun was late this morning, it was a beautiful sunrise:

picture: Søren Greve Pedersen

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