Tuesday, 1 July 2014

The weather has been great for many weeks now, so it is very busy at our B&B.
The Danish school holidays started last friday and there is no time left for writing blogs. So, just a few pictures:

 These beautiful pictures of the midsummer sunset were taken by Søren Pedersen, one of our neighbours. The sun goes down halfway the Helnæs peninsula, that is as far as it get's, and will from now on go down more and more back to the left.

Some days there is just time enough for me to take Shanty out with the sulky and some guests.
The picture was taken by the Lund family from Norway.

For those who are able to watch the Dutch television: On July 25th the Tour de France is near Bergerac and the program 'Avondetappe' by Mart Smeets will be broadcasted from the home of our designer Joris van Grinsven,  the Chateau de Clérans.  NOS July 25th, 22.10 hrs.

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