Thursday, 5 June 2014

'Frog' rescue
Since a few days, baby natterjack toads are trying to get through our house. As soon as someone opens a door, the toads come in, walk through the house and want to get out at the other side. They are on their way down to the freshwater lagoon in the bird reserve next to us.
So apparently our house is in their way, but the house was built in 1853, so they should know by now how to get around it.
We pick them up and put them in our small bird pond, so they can freshen up a bit before going on.
Natterjack toads are protected and in connection with the EU Life+ project. five new breeding water-holes have been dugout in the former agricultural land, for the benefit of this rare toad. The little natterjack toad can be distinguished from other toads by the lemon yellow stripe along its back. Natterjacks are noisy neighbours, their sound is like an electric drill and we can hear them on warm summer evenings, mostly in May.
I have a native Canadian friend who lives on Vancouver Island. She told me that in her culture, the frog is the messenger, or announcer. With so many toads coming in every day, I wonder what the message is.......

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