Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Chasing the waves
At least that is something you can do endlessly here.... and that is what our dog started doing when we moved up here.
We lived near a forest before, far from the sea, so the sea was rather new to her when we came to Denmark.
She is a border collie and in Holland she used to chase our sheep - often in the wrong direction-, or the cockerel and if I went out with the horses, she would always come along, trotting happily behind the sulky, the waggon or the riding horses. When we were out with the waggon, she used to sleep under it on overnight tours.
She still comes along with the horses, and every night she will bring them in from the field. That safes me a lot of walking up and down the hill and she knows what horse we need when I call its name. There is only one risky moment: if the horses are all the way down by the beach and if there are a lot of waves, she might be tempted to leave the horses to me and go on chasing the waves......

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