Sunday, 16 December 2012

a cold bath

All the snow melted during the night and it is a rather grey day, so we'll probably spend most of it near the fire with a hot mug of tea and homemade apple pie.
A large number of fieldfares ( turdus pilaris) came in this morning and they are now taking a bath in the puddles on my neighbour's field. That must be cold, but they seem to enjoy it very much.
Fieldfares look a bit like a thrush, but they have a beautiful grey head and back. We usually see them this time of the year, foraging on the last berries in our hedgerows.
One more week until the Xmas holidays, so we put up the Xmas tree.  The neighbouring farm grows thousands of them and it was very hard to make a choice among all those trees laying in their courtyard. And we have been  decorating the diningroom for the festive season. The snow is expected back next weekend, so who knows, we'll have a white Xmas after all!
I better start mending my skis then.

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